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Spray Disinfectant Service

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Spray Disinfectant Service

This service can kill bacteria, fungi, germs, and viruses. The disinfectant liquid is certified by both international standards and Thailand National Science and Technology Development Agency for good qualities and safe for humans, pets and the environment, as it is in 'Food Grade'. It is also certified by ECOCERT from Europe and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) from USA.

✅ For Bangkok and surrounding areas.

✅ Please book 2-3 days in advance.

Scope of work

⚠️ This is a disinfectant service and does not include cleaning, or tidying up.

⚠️ For the best service, this service is reccomended to only be done when there are no other ongoing services on site.

⚠️ Must have electricity and water available on site.

Additional Information

1. The disinfectant liquid 'Germ Killer' can kill germs in both the air and on surfaces. It can also kill bacteria and viruses without leaving any harmful stains.
2. 99% effective.
3. The disinfectant liquid is in 'Food Grade' and is harmless to people and pets.
4. The service price includes the service fee and transportation fee.

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Terms of Service

Refund Policy   

💰Bank Transfer: The system will process the refund to your bank account within 10 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays).  

💰Credit Card Refund: The system will refund the amount to your credit card within 30-60 business days or on the next billing cycle, depending on the bank.

  💰Debit Card Refund: The system will refund the amount to your debit card within 45-60 business days or depending on the bank.


DurationMore than 24 hr. : 5% fee

More than 12 hr., but within 24 hr. : 50% fee

Less than 12 hr. : 100% fee (no refund)


DurationMore than 24 hr. : No fee

More than 12 hr., but within 24 hr. : ฿200 fee

Less than 12 hr. : Full price or cannot reschedule

When system is unable to find providers

Customer needs to contact us on Line: @seekster to:

1. Get a full refund.

2. Reschedule.